Somani Raghuvanshi Premier League-2017


Shree Halai Lohana Mahajan & Ramat Gamat Samiti | Somani Raghuvanshi Premier League-2017

  1. The Tournament is organised by Ramat Gamat Samiti which operates under Shree Halai Lohana Mahajan (HLM), Mumbai for the players of Lohana Community, Players from other communities will not be allowed to Participate.
  2. The Tournament Participation fees is Rs.1000/-(Non Refundable) per Player.
  3. Players are expected to submit 2 Photographs & a copy of a Photo ID (Passport, Driving Licence, PAN Card, College I card est. ----- Any one) along with the Registration Form. Players are expected to keep the original of the Photo ID at the time of matches and should produced the same if demanded by Ramat Gamat Samiti , Failing of so Players will be disqualified to play the tournament further.
  4. There will be 12 participating Teams, which will play under their respected Franchise and each Team will have a Squad of 15 Players.
  5. All the Franchises are allowed to retain 2 players who need to be family members; however that Franchise will not be given players of same category from the draw for family retained players to bring parity amongst the teams.
  6. Each team will get minimum of 3 league matches, out of 12 teams 8 teams will qualify for Quarter finals, 4 for the Semi Finals and 2 for the Finals.
  7. League matches will be played for 12 Overs, Quarter Finals; Semi Finals & Finals will be played for 20 Overs.
  8. All the 12 teams will be divided in 2 different Groups; each group will have 6 teams.
  9. Group A will have Teams 1,2,3,4,5,6 similarly Group B will also have Teams 1,2,3,4,5,6 ( For e.g. team A1 will play against A4, A5 and A6 similarly team B1 will play against B4, B5 and B6, similarly all the teams will get 3 matches at league stages)
  10. Toss of 1st match will take place 45 minutes prior to the match, toss of the 2nd and 3rd match will take place during the innings break of the previous match, both the captains will have to give playing 11 list at the time of Toss, no change in the playing 11 will be allowed after the Toss
  11. The Matches of the Tournament will be played on the Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays during 29rd April to 7th May 2017.
  12. Ramat Gamat Samiti and 12 Franchise will appoint 12 Captains; other players will be “Graded” by Ramat Gamat Samiti as per their Cricketing skills & will be divided in the different teams by the mean of draw.
  13. Ramat Gamat Samiti will provide playing kit during the Net practice & Matches.
  14. Players are expected to maintain discipline during Net Practise & Matches, Sledging or usage of abusive language is strictly not allowed, any player found doing so will be suspended or may even be disqualified for the entire tournament.
  15. Umpire’s decision will be considered ‘’FINAL’’ Decision, Players are expected to respect the Umpire’s decision; strict disciplinary actions will be taken on the player who is arguing with Umpires or disrespecting the Umpire’s decision.
  16. Only Captains of the teams will speak to Umpires or committee in case of any issues, players other than the captains will not be entertained.
  17. If a player of a particular team is injured and going off the field, he will have to spend time of an over on his back on the field before he can bowl.
  18. If Player(s) of a team gets late for some reason and captain of the teams wants him in playing 11, than the team will be given substitute fielder for 3 overs ONLY, after that the team will field without them till the time they arrive, player(s) will be allowed to bat at any number. However matter can be sorted mutually between the concerned captains but they will have to inform the committee in either case.
  19. If a player(s) of a team is opting out due to injury or some other reason the captain of the team will have to inform the committee for the same, committee will try to give the other player of same category from the wait list, if there is no player of same category available in the wait list committee will take decision on the replacement, this rule will applicable only before the tournament begins, no replacement will be given once the tournament begins.
  20. Players are expected to take care of their personal belonging during the Net Practice & Matches; Ramat Gamat samiti and HLM are not responsible for any loss or damage to the personal belongings of the Players.
  21. Ramat Gamat Samiti and HLM is not responsible for any injuries to the Players during Net practice or Matches, Players are expected to take the precautionary measures on their own.
  22. Players will have to wear given Uniform during Matches; any one not doing so will not be allowed to participate in the Matches. Players will have to wear white clothes during Net Practise.
  23. Any disputes or disagreement between the Teams/Players, on will be sorted out by Ramat Gamat Samiti, on field Umpires will be consulted if needed, Players/ Teams are expected to respect the decisions of the Ramat Gamat Samiti, Strict Disciplinary actions will be taken on the Players/Teams disrespecting the Ramat Gamat Samiti’s decision.
  24. Ramat Gamat Samiti reserves the right to Change or Modify the above mentioned Rules & Regulations and enclosed match Rules & Regulations as & when needed or as per the situations.

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