1. Each team has to reach ground before the toss.
  2. Toss will be done 30 minutes before the match & the 13 players team has to be given at the time of toss. However, no player coming after the toss will be allowed to play in the match.
  3. In a single inning, each bowler can bowl a maximum of 4 overs in a total of 20 over match.
  4. In case of a no-ball, the batting team gets one run, ball not counted & the next delivery will be a Free hit. In a free hit, the batsman can be dismissed through a run-out only & field cannot be changed.
  5. In a normal T20 game, the interval lasts for 15 minutes. However, in a reduced over match, It can be cut down to 10 minutes.
  6. In case of any interruption, each team must play at least 5 overs each for the match result.
  7. In each match, only one ball, over the shoulder is allowed per over.
  8. To calculate a team's net run-rate, the average runs per over scored by that team is Deducted from the average runs per over scored against it.


  1. At the most 5 fielders can be on the leg side at any given point of time.
  2. In the first 6 over’s POWERPLAY is COMPULSORY, which means only 2 fielders will be allowed Outside the 30-yard circle.
  3. There can be maximum of 5 fielders outside the circle, after power play is over.
  4. Every bowling team has to complete its 20 over’s within 105 minutes, if the team fails to do so Then, extra 10 runs will be added to the batting team’s scorecard, for every over bowled after 105 minutes. Note that the over has to start before the stipulated time is over.
  5. 1st match of the day has to start at 09:30 am & complete 20 overs by 11:15 am. 2nd inning has to start at 11:30 am & complete 20 overs by 1:15 pm.
  6. 2nd match of the day has to start at 01:30 pm & complete 20 overs by 03:15 pm. 2nd innings Has to start at 03:30 pm & complete 20 overs by 05:00 pm.
  7. Drinks interval after 10 overs of each inning. (Only once).


There can't be a tie in a T20 cricket game. If & when there is a tie by the end of the match, it is broken with a one over a side? Eliminator? Or? Super Over? There will not be a toss & the team which was batting second, automatically bats first in the Super Over. Each of the 2 teams nominates 3 batsmen & 1 bowlers to play a 1 over per side, which can be termed as "Mini match". If a team loses 2 wkts before the over is complete, then the 2nd team bats. The team which scores higher from it’s over wins the match. In case there is a tie in "Mini Match" then the team which has higher number of 6's in the inning will be declared a winner. If by chance, there is still a tie then the team which has higher number of 4's in the inning will be declared winner. If by chance time doesn’t permit, then both team will get 1 point each.


For every win a team gets 2 points. Bonus Point for winning the match by a margin of 20%. In case of a rain & the match is washed out, both teams get 1 point. Top Two teams out of the Four teams will qualify for the Finals.

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