Jwala Sports Foundation Mumbai | SAI MUMBAI MASTER PREMIER LEAGUE-2018

Cricket is a game that owes much of its unique appeal to the fact that it is to be played not only within the Laws, but also within the spirit of the game. Any action seen as abusing this spirit causes injury to the game itself.

Embracing the spirit of the game means participating, either as a Player or as a Team Official, fairly and exhibiting respect for other Players and Team Officials, Umpires and Match Referees and the game’s traditional values

Cricket is being most popular Sport in India. Every youngster loves to play Cricket and desires to play at higher level.

Such youngsters work hard and try to improve their game, but without proper guidance they are finding very difficult to reach their goal, which brings nervousness among them and put them on side track, away from their goal. But some of their colleagues gets succeeded and their inner struggle starts which embosses on them that they are unlucky.

Now let us think practically, we had given an opportunity to the cricket lovers from Mumbai to play as professional cricketer.

Player above 33 age and are professionally doctor, engineer, and lawyer teacher. Etc. will be playing to this tournament.

So now in Mumbai, Ab Dekhega nahi, Khelega Mumbai.

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