The Corporate T10 Cricket Shield 2018-19

Positive Leap Management Presents Rules & Regulations For T10 Shield Tournament

Positive Leap Management | The Corporate T10 Cricket Shield 2018-19


  1. The Tournament shall be “THE CORPORATE T10 SHIELD”-.
  2. A maximum of 16 teams will participate in this tournament, and will start Soon.
  3. The tournament is only for Corporate and will played on Saturday and Sunday. All the schedule of the match will be given in advance, and no matches will postponed for any team for any personal reason unless the unavailability of ground or for bad weather.
  4. Every team will get 3 league matches.Group topper will directly qualify for semi final
  5. Tournament will have four trophies, Winners, Runners Up, 3rd Place and 4th Place.
  6. An entry fees of Rs. 25,000/- Plus 18% GST shall be paid by all competing teams which must accompany the entry form. The cheque should be drawn in favour of Positive leap Management Pvt Ltd. The Committee reserves itself the right of refusing entry to a team without assigning any reason. All expenses of the match will be borne by the organizers (Ground, Umpires, Ball and Water).
  7. Companies desirous of competing in the tournament shall submit names of their players in the Entry Form with Secretary and Managers in respect thereof.
  8. Matches will be played in groups of 4 teams.
  9. In case a team is not present for a match on time, the opposite team will be declaring as winner.
  10. The Organisers ruling on all matters covered by the rules shall be final.
  11. Organizers decision on all the matters would be final and binding on participating members.
  12. No protest shall be entertained against the decision of any Umpire on a point of fact.
  13. The Organizer will appoint Umpires for all matches played in the Tournament.
  14. The Umpires shall be the sole judges of fitness of the ground, weather, light and points of the facts of the interpretation of the law of the game. Their decisions shall be final.
  15. For a win, the team scoring the maximum number of runs will be a winner. In case of a tie, wickets will be counted. The less no. of wicket loser will be the winner. And if the no of wickets are same, winner will be decided by fresh toss.
  17. Each match will be limited to 10 overs (each over of 6 balls) to a side.Maxium 2 overs per bowler
  18. The first game will be played between 9.30 A.M. to 11.00 A.M. Morning match toss will be done at 9.15 am.
  19. Each game will be limited to a total of 1 hours and 30 minutes. A break of 10 minutes between the innings. For each innings the time allowed will be 45 minutes.
  20. Team fielding 1st failing to complete their 10 overs in 45 minutes or will face a penalty of 15 runs per over and same rule applicable to the second innings as well.
  21. Final match will consist of 10 overs.
  22. No bowler can bowl more than 2 overs in an innings.
    Winner – Trophy + INR 50,000/- and Runner up Trophy + INR 30,000/-
    3rd and 4th Place will be awarded with Trophy
    Man of the tournament :- Trophy + INR 5,000/-
    Most Valuable Player :- Trophy + INR 3,000/-
    Best Batsman, Best Bowler :- Trophy + INR 3,000/-
    Best Fielder:- Trophy
    Man Of the Match :- Trophy
    Every Team will get memento

Matches will be played on Saturday and Sunday. For further details contact Nikhil Chavan on 9004511807

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