KSG SUPER T-20 CUP 2018-19

KSG Super Cup 2019 Rules & Regulation

Kapol Sports Group | KSG SUPER T-20 CUP 2018-19

  1. All matches will be played 20 overs a side.
  2. Two bowlers maximum 4 overs each remaining max. 3 overs each.
  3. 2 points will be awarded for win.
  4. 1 points will be awarded to each team in case of Tie.
  5. If the match is abandon or cancelled due to any reason 1 point will be awarded to each team. There will be no replay or rematch in any circumstance.
  6. In case of change of venue or date , teams have to play as per revised schedule.
  7. In case one team is not ready to play then 2 points will be awarded to other team.
  8. Reporting Time         Toss time        Match Time

    9.15 am                           9.45 am         10.00 am to 11.30 and 11.40 to 01.10 Match-1

    12.45 pm                     01.15 pm         1.30 pm to 3.00 pm and 3.10 to 4.40    Match-2

  9. Players present at the of time toss only will be allowed to Bat & Bowl. Players coming after the toss will be allowed to field only. No replacement allowed. No arguments should be done for this rule.
  10. Runner will not be allowed
  11. In case of Tie in semi final & Final , super over will be applicable.
  12. Umpire decision will be final. Any players misbehaving against umpire decision will not be tolerated & action will be taken against player. If any disputes on ground match coordinator is final decision.
  13. Match referee is as per schedule given by KSG .
  14. Minimum 7 players required per side to play a match
  15. Both captains have to exchange the teams at the time of toss. It will be captains responsibility to check the presence of the players of opposite side.
  16. If any player leaves the ground before completing the match then he will not be allowed to play his next match .This is the captains responsibility to report to the match referee
  17. Players of KSG compulsorily have to wear KSG out fit without that they all won’t be allowed to play
  18. No one can chew tobacco or smoke cigarette on the ground if done by someone can be punished, Mobile can't be used on ground too

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