Kurukshetra Cup , Season - 2

Kurukshetra Cup Season-2 Format & Prize

BEYOND - INFINITI | Kurukshetra Cup , Season - 2

    After a successful Kurukshetra cup season – 1, it gives us immense pleasure to invite your team for the bigger and better Kurukshetra Cup season – 2. We would be really grateful with your presence.
    Kurukshetra cup,season– 2 Lets enjoy with more cricket
    Tournament details
  1. Format T–20 (red season ball)
  2. No. of teams : 10
  3. No. of groups : Two groups of five each (A and B) .
  4. No. of matches per team : 4 compulsory matches per team- 4 league matches - Top 2 teams would qualify for ‘Chakravyuh’ round (the semi - finals)
  5. Later stages of the tournament
  6. In the quarters 2 teams from each group would battle it out in the Knockout round. 1st team of A group VS 2nd team of B. And 1st team of group B and 2nd team of A respectively. The winners of the two semifinals would lock horns in the finals for the Kurukshetra cup , Season – 2 title
  7. Starting date 09th April – 2016
  8. All matches would be weekend. (We would adjust the certain teams matches according to their availability)
  9. Caps (to all 15 members of each team ) + snacks (during innings breaks for . Max 15 players of each team ) + Water +balls +on field medical + All MCA umpires n scorers would be provided in all the matches.
  10. Live scoring of every match.
  11. Final on a solo ground.
  12. Online media coverage.
  13. Venue : Azad , Cross, oval and Shivaji Park
  14. Prizes :

  1. Winners: prize money - Whooping Rs. 50,000/- (cash prize) + winner’s trophy + Medals + caps.
  2. Runners : Trophy + Medals + caps.
  3. Man of the match trophy + certificate in every match.
Special awards :
  1. (i) Best batsman of the tournament(ii) Best bowler of the tournament(iii) Man of the series
  2. (iv)
  3. Best fielder(v) Best wicket keeper(vi) Most spirited team award (team award).
Point system:
  1. For every win team would be provided with 2 points.
  2. For every tie both the teams would be provided with 1 point each No super over for tie breaker in the league stages.
  3. One bonus point would be provided to the team under the following conditions : - If team batting first wins the game by 35 or more runs. - If a team batting second chase down the target in 17 or less overs.
  4. In case of a tie in points table in the league stages the team with the better run rate would be ranked higher, - then by no of wickets lost in all the matches (less the wickets lost better the runrate) - then by no. of fours hit throughout the tournament [Last two criteria would come into play if there is a tie on net run rate]
  5. If there is a tie in knockout stages then the semis team would be decided by a super over between the teams immediately after the match. *Visit the following links for an overview of Kurukshetra Cup, season-1

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