Kurukshetra Cup , Season - 2

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09 Apr 2016

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31 May 2016


Azad Maidan & Shivaji Park , CST & Dadar , Mumbai , Maharashtra.


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Kurukshetra Cup Season-2 Format & Prize

12 May 2016

    After a successful Kurukshetra cup season – 1, it gives us immense pleasure to invite your team for the bigger and better Kurukshetra Cup season – 2. We would be really grateful with your presence.
    Kurukshetra cup,season– 2 Lets enjoy with more cricket
    Tournament details
  1. Format T–20 (red season ball)
  2. No. of teams : 10
  3. No. of groups : Two groups of five each (A and B) .
  4. No. of matches per team : 4 compulsory matches per team- 4 league matches - Top 2 teams would qualify for ‘Chakravyuh’ round (the semi - finals)
  5. Later stages of the tournament
  6. In the quarters 2 teams from each group would battle it out in the Knockout round. 1st team of A group VS 2nd team of B. And 1st team of group B and 2nd team of A respectively. The winners of the two semifinals would lock horns in the finals for the Kurukshetra cup , Season – 2 title
  7. Starting date 09th April – 2016
  8. All matches would be weekend. (We would adjust the certain teams matches according to their availability)
  9. Caps (to all 15 members of each team ) + snacks (during innings breaks for . Max 15 players of each team ) + Water +balls +on field medical + All MCA umpires n scorers would be provided in all the matches.
  10. Live scoring of every match.
  11. Final on a solo ground.
  12. Online media coverage.
  13. Venue : Azad , Cross, oval and Shivaji Park
  14. Prizes :

  1. Winners: prize money - Whooping Rs. 50,000/- (cash prize) + winner’s trophy + Medals + caps.
  2. Runners : Trophy + Medals + caps.
  3. Man of the match trophy + certificate in every match.
Special awards :
  1. (i) Best batsman of the tournament(ii) Best bowler of the tournament(iii) Man of the series
  2. (iv)
  3. Best fielder(v) Best wicket keeper(vi) Most spirited team award (team award).
Point system:
  1. For every win team would be provided with 2 points.
  2. For every tie both the teams would be provided with 1 point each No super over for tie breaker in the league stages.
  3. One bonus point would be provided to the team under the following conditions : - If team batting first wins the game by 35 or more runs. - If a team batting second chase down the target in 17 or less overs.
  4. In case of a tie in points table in the league stages the team with the better run rate would be ranked higher, - then by no of wickets lost in all the matches (less the wickets lost better the runrate) - then by no. of fours hit throughout the tournament [Last two criteria would come into play if there is a tie on net run rate]
  5. If there is a tie in knockout stages then the semis team would be decided by a super over between the teams immediately after the match. *Visit the following links for an overview of Kurukshetra Cup, season-1

BEYOND-INFINITI Presents Tournament Registration Process & Rules

12 May 2016

    Registration process
  1. A team consisting of All job personnel can register for Kurukshetra cup season–2
  2. Registration fees is Rs. 27,000/- (For the teams who didn’t featured in Kurukshetra cup, season -1) And Rs. 25,000/- for the teams who have already featured in the Kurukshetra cup Season–1 (No additional or hidden fees would be charged throughout the tournament )
  3. You can make your payment through check , cash, NEFT or DD. All payable at Mumbai only.
  4. The registration fees must be made before the team plays its 1st league match.
  5. Your entry would be confirmed once you send us the confirmation mail regarding your participation in the tournament (Kurukshetra Cup , season - 1) [along with atleast half the entry fees amount]
Rules of the tournament
  1. Strictly only job personals are allowed in the tournament. (as it is a purely corporate tournament).
  2. Every team is ought to mail their 15 players squad along with the participation confirmation mail. All the playing XI must be from the submitted squad of 15 players (no player from outside the list would be allowed to play any match during the tournament)
  3. No U- 16, U -19, U – 22 MCA player , Mumbai probable or any other professional / club players (Which includes A,B and C division kanga league and times shield Or current Ranji trophy player) are allowed in the tournament.
  4. Please keep the professional ids of all 15 team members ready and produce its scanned copy Via mail or in person within max. 2 days if any objection arises during the tournament.
  5. If a team fails to produce the ids within the stipulated time (Maximum two working days) it would be liable to immediate disqualification.
  6. If a team doesn’t shows up on the day of the match (and their opponent does) then their opponent team would be given bye with full 2 points.
  7. For appealing against any player or team the processing charges are Rs. 2500/- (Half refundable if appeal is successful).
  8. On field Umpires decision would be final during the match and unarguable.
  9. All the decisions taken by Beyond – Infiniti regarding the tournament would be final in all respect.

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