LYC Pro-T40 Cup 2017-18

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Lohana Youth Club

Start Date

04 Nov 2017

End Date

25 Nov 2017


N L Cricket Ground, Ashish Complex, Dahisar East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400068


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01 Nov 2017

  1. All the matches will be of 40 overs each innings.
  2. There will be 4 participating teams and all the teams will play 3 matches on Round Robin basis and top 2 teams on the points table will qualify for the Finals, in case 2 or more teams are finishing on same no. Of points Net Run Rate (NRR) will apply and top 2 teams on the basis of NRR will qualify for the Finals.
  3. Two points will be awarded to winning teams at the league stage, In case of Tie equal points will be awarded to both teams, in case of Tie in the finals result will be decided through Super Over, and In case of Tie in Super over result will be decided by Toss.
  4. In case the match stops or do not start due to unforeseen events or due to bad weather conditions or any other reason equal points will be given to both the teams.
  5. Each team will have to use minimum of 7 bowlers where only 4 bowlers can bowl maximum 7 overs each, and apart from theses 4 bowlers other bowlers can bowl maximum 4 overs each. However there are no restrictions on using no. of bowlers.
  6. There will be 3 Power Plays, First 8 Overs will be compulsory Power Play and Batting and Bowling Power Plays of 4 overs each, both Batting and Fielding teams will have to utilize their Power Plays by 36th over, no Power Plays will be allowed in last 4 overs of the innings.
  7. During Power Plays only 2 fielders are allowed outside 30 Yards circle.
  8. During Non Power Play overs minimum of 4 fielders should be inside 30 Yards circle excluding Bowler & Wicket Keeper.
  9. The Tournament will be played on the 15 Players to bat format.
  10. The Tournament will be played on Top 7 – Bottom 8 format where captains will have to set Top7- Bottom 8 Batting order for league matches, in one match Top 7 will Bat first, in one match Bottom 8 will Bat first and in one match Captains will be free to set the Batting order of their likings.
  11. All the 15 Players of the team will have to wear given Uniform during matches; players will not be allowed to enter the ground without Uniform.
  12. Teams will have to bowl their 40 overs in 180 minutes, any team failing to do so will have to bare Penalty of 10 runs per over for the number less overs bowled in given 180 minutes for e.g. if a team bowling 1st bowls 38 overs in given 180 minutes than 20 runs will be added in the total score of the opposition team. & if team bowling 2nd Bowls 38 overs in given 180 minutes than the opposition team’s target will be reduced by 20 runs.
  13. In case of injury to a Batsman Runner will not be allowed.

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